Cutting Machine of Pattern-block Special Line

Product ID: G511013

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The cutting machine tool of pattern-block special line is one of the latest cutting equipments developed by our company. It is mainly used to cut the disc-type parts with large diameter. It adopts single vertical-column structure, and its stepless speed is controlled by frequency conversion. It is stiff, low-waste, steady-cutting and high-precision.
Workbench Dia.(mm) 610
Maximum Process Dia.(mm) 2700
Minimum Process Dia.(mm) 730
Process Height(mm) 1000
Specification of Saw Blade(mm×mm×mm) 54×1.8×6410
Power of Principal Axis(kw) 3
Speed of Saw Blade(m/min) 36
Workbench Stroke(mm) 1045

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