Vacuum oil furnace


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Vacuum oil furnace
Working Principle
For Qilian electric heat conduction oil furnace also known as heat conduction oil heater, the electric heater is directly inserted into the organic carrier heat conduction oil for direct heating. A circulating pump is used to create liquid-phase circulation of heat conduction oil, thus, to transfer the heat to one or several pieces of heat using equipment. After unloaded in the heat using equipment, the heat conduction oil will return to the heater via the circulating pump, again to absorb heat, and transfer the heat to the heat using equipment. This process is repeated again and again, realizing continuous transfer of heat. As a result, the temperature of objects being heated rises, and heating requirements are fulfilled.
Qilian electric heat conduction oil furnace system is composed of an explosion-proof electric heater, an organic heat carrier furnace, a heat exchanger configurable, a control cabinet, a hot oil pump, and an expansion slot. The user only needs to connect the equipment to a power supply, and arrange medium inlet and outlet pipes and electrical interfaces before use.
Application Scope
Qilian electric heat conduction oil furnace adopts a digital display temperature controller, and has functions of over temperature alarm, low oil level alarm and over pressure alarm. This product is a type of high-efficiency energy-saving heating equipment for chemical, petroleum, machinery, printing and dyeing, foodstuff, marine, textile, and film industry, etc.
1. Low Operating Pressure
Liquid phase heat transfer can reach a higher operating temperature under lower operating pressure; saturated vapor pressure of heat carrier is 70 to 80 times lower than that of water; and its general operating pressure is
  • ISO9001

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