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Motorcycle Bike ATV Storage Shelter Garage Cover

Shield it! Protect your motorcycle with strong steel square piping.
Keep it in perfect condition! It’s 100% waterproof cover.
Convenience! Just park and pull top down, all in just 3 seconds.

The Bike Shield is an easy and self-enclosing motorcycle garage / storage / shelter / cover unit, keeping your bike protected against any external damage such as rain, dust, harmful sunlight and so on. No contact exhaust pipe and cover. Ventilation for air flow and strong locking system, keeps your bike safe and secure.

The Bike Shield is safe. 16 strong steel square pipes enclose your bike entirely. All of the square pipes are galvanized inside and out enabling long term rust resistance. When you park and cover, the arch shape frame keeps your bike safe from any potential risk. We also adopt a maximum toughness engineering plastic for pipe insertion, which makes pipe insertion easier and pipe joint parts stronger. Bike Shield is strong and stable.

100% waterproof.
The fabric used in manufacturing the bike shield has a three times polyurethane coating on the inside and the highest water repellence processing available on the outside, which enables a 100% waterproof cover. Our cover does not have any seam on top. This means that there is absolutely no water leakage from seam exposure. You do not need a seam sealer. We strictly control durability of our fabric under FITI Testing & Research Institute in Korea. Each and every time we produce our fabric, we test for Tensile Strength, Fabric Count (density), Weight, Water Resistance and Water Repellence. Therefore, we are able to keep production of Bike Shield with unquestionable quality.

The Bike Shield is stable.
Since we adopt 16 square pipes per frame, the bike shield has proven to be stronger and stable. We also include an anchor plate; front tire intended to be mounted. This keeps the bike shield safe from any potential strong wind. There are two methods available in fixing the bike shield using the anchor plate. Firstly, you can fix the bike shield permanently using two anchor holes on the anchor plate. You drill two holes in the ground and bolt the anchor plate to the ground with a concrete bolt. Secondly, you may also simply place a heavy object, such as wall bricks, on the side edge of the anchor plate.

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Motorcycle Bike ATV Storage Shelter Garage Cover