JYF-1300B High Speed Slitting & Pewinding Machine

Product ID: Model JYT-G

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Suitable for BOPP, PET, PVC, PE, aluminum foil and paper material etc. slitting and rewinding.
It integrates advanced mechanical, electric, optical and pneumatic technology and components.
This machine has been proved to be of high performance such as high speed, high stability,
easy operation and high slitting neatness. It is a idea slitting machine.

Performance and Features:
1.The whole machine is controlled by PLC system. It can set working parameters via touch screen as per the slitting requirement. LCD screen display and monitor the working status. The control system has the function such as start buffer, loose proof and meter counter etc, and it is very easy for operation. 2.Introduce Automatic Tension Control System for unwinding, keep the unwinding tension constant. It is also can controlled by taper control according to slitting requirement. Introduce Japanese MITSUHASHI LPC photoelectric automatic alignment system for Edge Position Control. Track Edge or Track Line automatically ensures the correct position of the running material.
3.Shaft less Pneumatic Clutch for Unwinding Roll Loading and Hydraulic Pressure Lift Utility (Option) 4.Main drive and rewinding section is driven by two vector control motors separately. Rewinding tension is controlled by PLC system according to the preset parameters and rewinding diameter as per slitting requirement. The control method is automatic digital taper.
5.The rewinding roller is air differential shaft (Goldenrod, or similar), slip force can be adjusted automatically to accommodate thickness variety of the material for multi-roller slitting.

Techinical parameters:
Type JYF-1300B
Thickness of Material 0.012-0.15mm
Mechanical speed 380mm
Unwinding Diameter 3″& 6″Φ700mm
Max. unwinding width 1300mm
Width of final roll 50-1300mm
Rewinding diameter 3″ Φ148mm
Deviation-rectifying method Photocell track / Edge track
Automatic Tension control method Invariable tension/ Variational tension
Total power 15kw
Machine Weight 3.6T
Machinel Dimension 3050×1950×1650mm

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