Model JYT-G High-speed Hot Melt Coating Machine

Product ID: Model JYT-G

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Main characteristic:
1. Adopted the high precision alloy steel spray head, has made users get optimal coating result.
2. Double position rewind and unwind, and collocate pneumatic device, can produce without stopping the system to fill material.
3. Highest speed 150m/min, highly improve production efficiency.
4. Extend distance between coating device and compound, it suits some material that can not bear high Temp.
Range of application:
JYT-G machine mainly used in pressure sensitive adhesive coating,such as self-adhesive label, heat sensitive label, adhesive tapes ,advertisement jet printing material,etc..

Techinical parameters:
Model JYT-G
Coating Width 400-2500mm
Coating Weight 10-200g/㎡
Coating Speed 150M/min
Unwind Diameter 1000mm
Rewind Diameter 1000mm
Correction Device 1sets
Length 12000mm
Height 2600mm

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