Model JYJ Hot Melt Extruding Coating Machine

Product ID: Model JYJ

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Range of Application :
1, Adopte the high precision alloy steel spray head to get the high quality&high uniformity coating result.
2, Double position rewind and unwind, and collocate semi-automatic to connect paper device to gain non-stop production.
3, The coating speed of 50-100m/min, can meet the customers different demand
JYT-Ⅱ series coating machine is suitable to produce hot melt double tape, two-sided material coating, etc.Hence to reduce the producting time& labour waste to speed up the production efficiency

Techinical parameters:
Coating width 600mm-1500mm
Coating qantity 15-200g
Coating speed 50-100m/min
Dia.unwind 1000mm
Dia.rewind 1000mm
Deviation corrector 2 sets
machine power 18KW-32KW
Power supply ~380V±15%
Length 13000mm
Width 1650mm-2550mm
Height 1520mm
Tallest temperature resisting 230℃

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