Model JYT-H Hot Melt Coating Machine

Product ID: Model JYT-H

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Main characteristic:
1. The design of extending distance between second unwind and compound obtains more ideal deviation correction result.
2. Unwind adopts PEC deviation correction.
3. Unwind configures electromotion load and unload material function.
Range of application:
This hot melt coating machine is suitable for producing double-side tapes, fabric tapes, double-side sponge adhesive tape, clean adhesive tape, masking adhesive tape, Alu. Foil tapes, etc.
Techinical parameters:
Model JYT-H
Coating Width 400-2500mm
Coating Weight 10-200g/㎡
Coating Speed 80M/min
Unwind Diameter 1000mm
Rewind Diameter 1000mm
Correction Device 1sets
Length 8400mm
Height 2350mm

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