Trailer /Self-propelled Crack Sealing Machine

Product ID: EAGER-A1200

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Description :
Crack sealing machines are used to fill and seal irregular cracks in asphalt and cement road surface, to prevent the ingress of surface water into the sub structure of the pavement, and to prevent cracks caused by vehicular load or temperature contraction stress from expanding to pot holes.
The equipment composed by filling machine, pavement router, dust blower, vehicle-mounted hot compressed air lance, vehicle-mounted hoisting machine, traffic cone, safety caution light, illuminating light, waterproof rainwear on the self-propelled chassis.
Optional parts: safety guide board, electric heater, equipment painting color, expansion joint plodder, and pre-spray gun for cement pavement joint.
Equipment configuration can be adjusted according to customers construction needs.

Features :
1. Imported international brands components, which provide stable performance;
2. Whole course constant、precise digital temperature control;
3. Lengthened conveying hose, expand the construction area and improve
4. Construction safety ;
5. Patent trailer、self-propelled dual-purpose chassis, saving construction costs;
6. Complete set of construction equipment, operations trends to specialization.

Basic parameters:
1. Melt kettle capacity: 1200L
2. Engine power: 15.5KW
3. Heating time 30-50 min
4. Burner power: 100000kcal/h
5. Temp. control range: 50~290℃

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