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PC-MAX currently supports vehicle on-board diagnostics on the following makes. Coverage may vary depending on models and systems. Functions include:

Read/Clear Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs)
Retrieve Real-time Data stream
Perform Component Actuation and/or Functional Tests
Perform ECU Coding/Programming
Perform Service Functions
Perform "Quick Test" on all or common vehicle systems
Now you can bring down the service costs associated with fault codes. Easily read & clear vehicle specific information - manufacturer specific codes, factory codes, and generic fault codes on a particular electrical circuit.Our Recommendation:Dont forget to print it out in real time.
The basics of electronic diagnostics begin with fault codes & live data. Experience high-speed response rate of 8-10 frames per second w/ real-time troubleshooting of up to 4 graphs. Diagnose signals for rich or lean conditions with live data retrieval and viewing of modules in digital and analog format.Our Recommendation:Dont forget to print it out in real time.
Perform verification tests to validate the functionality of a particular electrical circuit. This function will bypass time-consuming labor to check the workmanship of electronic components such as switches, sensors, relays, & actuators. Use the PC-MAX to actuate control modules and see what needs replacement without removing panels and testing without the usage of a multimeter. (e.g. cylinder power balance test, EVAP system leak, EGR valve, solenoids, power windows, winshield wiper activation, etc.)

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