ceramic filter plate

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Ceramic filter plate
1/use:The ceramic filter plate is the special part used in ceramic filter machine. It’s be widely used in mining machinery, chemical industry, foodstuff, medicine’s dehydration and filtration.
item SX-1 SX-2 SX-3 SX-4 SX-5
Filter area of circle 1.0 2.0 3.0 4.0 5.0
Shape of unit plate sector
Thickness of filter plate 24 24 24 30 30
We can do all kinds plate according to the customer’s claim
3/ technology standard
Energy of filtration(treated water, pressure 0.1MPa) 800-1000LCP/n.㎡
Pressure of gas recoil test( wet) ≥0.3MPa
Pressure of backwashing ≤0.15MPa
Pressure of ultrasonic wave and chemistry washing ≤0.1MPa

Assembly precision
Parallelism between Flat of assembly circle and plate’s ±0.2mm

Distance between flat of assembly circle and plate’s 8mm±0.1mm

Disc precision
Assembly hole’s center with plate’s arc angle’s distance ±2mm

Distance with two plates of disc ±2mm
Amount time of plate’s surface is broken ≥7000h

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