UHF Two-port rfid reader

Product ID: NFC-9812

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NFC-9812 is a two-port reader with connect with max 2 antennas, which is full frame and function. It includes RF module, digital signal managing, input/output port and serial communication port, synchronization function.
It is multi-protocol UHF reader, which supports ISO18000-6B and EPC protocol international standard. It can read and write UCODE, TI, Alien and other label, besides it can optimize the chips of some labels. To meet require of protocol and function expanding, the reader can be upgraded with our update software.
RF protocol ISO18000-6B,EPC Class 1,EPC Class 1 GEN 2
Wireless Type WEP, WPA, 802.11i
Wireless Speed 54Mbps, adjusted speed by distance or signal
Wireless working mode Ad-Hoc and Infrastructure
Operating Method FHSS or fixed frequency(set by software)
Antenna ports 2ports connect two antennas, SMA connector
Max RF power 30 dBm
Power smoothness

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