2BHB510-H26 vortex pump

2BHB510-H26 vortex pump

1.6KW Ribake ring blower,vortex pump

Product ID: 2BHB510-H26

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1.Designed and improved by the latest Europe technology,molded with high strengh ADC12 aluminum alloy,processed on precision CNC machine
2.Two-pole motor with protection calss IP55 and insulation F,high temperature resistant to 180°c
3.Motor reached Europe EFF2 standard,save more electricity,and more durable
4.In front bearing structure makes dynamic stability
5.The rotating parts are not in contact with the casing,no friction during operation,no internal lubrication needed
6.Sealing ring is placed between hosing and motor to prevent entry of foreign matter,improve service life
7.Wide range of powers and sizes,long term and quiet smooth operation
8.All products are strictly tested before leaving the factory
  • ISO9001:2008

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