Product ID: AH-RG

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*Digital system with 16 stages (where it can jump to the required stage without passing the other stages) .
*Working as a voltage fixer ± 4% volt and equipped with a compensation circuit to continue connection between stages.
*Protection from high voltage which resulted from the network or the regulator at 245 voltages.
*Protection from shortage and from current increase by a magnetic thermal breaker.
*Transformer for transferring to the network voltages, and to cancel regulation when necessary.
*Delay working at the operating beginning for ten seconds in order to stabilize with network, it possible to control the time for 3 minutes.
*Delay in organizing operation to avoid network fluctuations,this delay will be canceled at 200 voltages.
*Simultaneous: Since exchange of regulating pads is synchronously with zero voltage wave in order to avoid sparks on contacts.
  • ISO9001

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