digital radius gauge

digital radius gauge

ROK digital radius gauge with five measuring jaws

Product ID: mi-400

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Digital Radius Gauge with 5 jaws, China Digital R gauge, China Radius measuring tools.
One key can tell you the spherical or radius data, without calculation. It is better than traditional gauge(A handheld gage with an accurate, rounded corner used to inspect the size of a corner radius on a part. Radius gages are available in a set that offers a range of sizes. A radius gauge, also known as a fillet gauge,[1] is a tool used to measure the radius of an object.

Radius gauges require a bright light behind the object to be measured. The gauge is placed against the edge to be checked and any light leakage between the blade and edge indicates a mismatch that requires correction.
A good set of gauges will offer both convex and concave sections, and allow for their application in awkward locations
), The old gauge only tell you right or wrong, but our gauge can tell you the real value. measuring Range: 5-999.99mm
with Five jaws, enable to measure more large products.

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