intensive roots blower

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1. Low noise, due to the helical suction and discharge, the blower air flow in and out according to the direction of spiral line, all these prevent the pulse noise and vibration. Whats more, by using the Impedance complex muffler, the noise of our blowers are further reduced.

2. High volume and anti-heat efficiency, so it is energy-saving. The blower rotor adopted the advanced Composite curve, the meshing is more reasonable, and further increases the volume efficiency.

3. Stable performance. The blower rotor, casing, wall panels, shaft and other key components are all produced by the advanced digital-control processing equipment thus make the interchangeability of parts and components increased.

4. Low vibration. Although the rotor has been processed precisely, and are all in balancing condition, we still adopted the high precision balancing equipment and grinding machine to make it more balance. Therefore, the blowers are almost no vibration.

5. With high precise and hardness Synchronization gear, we not only extension blowers life, but also reduce its noise.

6. Our blower bearing is introduced from Japan. There are two lubrication styles: Fat grease (below 0.6kgf/cm2), oil splash grease (0.7-0.9kgf/cm2), which makes the product quality more liable.

7. The transported air is clean and without any oil-dust, as the blower sealing structure is reasonable, oil can not enter the chassis, thus the air is very clean.

8. Low price: As we have our own produce line so the price of our blower is very competitive.

9. Advanced technology and accessory, we introduced advanced blower manufacture technology from Japan and many of our accessories are imported, such as NSK Bearing, imported Gear, and Gates triangle belt and so on.

10. Long life. The blower bearing what we used are all double-row and Self-aligning bearing.

11. The blower rotor is precision machined in its full surface, and since it is balanced precisely, it is almost without any vibration.

12. Case Material: HT200, Impeller Material: QT400.

13. Widely used in many fields, especially in gas transportation, waste water treatment, aquaculture, pneumatic transport, vacuum packing, oxygen generation, etc.

14.Oil tank: after milling they are all polished by digital grinding machine, in order to prevent the grear from broken because of oil leakage.

15. Bearing:Our bearing are doulbe-line bearing, can adjust the concentricity, and they are all strong fighting force, low vibration, moreover, and highly increase the life of the blowers.

16.Mercury column detecor: we test the air capacity and pressure through it, and makes the result very precise, and avoid the artificial error

Major specification of LZSR three lobes roots blower:

Model: LZSR50-300B

Air capacity: can reach more than 180m3/min
Outlet Diameter: 50-300mm

Pressure: can reach 100kpa
Discharge Pressure:0.1-1.0kgf/cm2

Motor Power: 0.55-315kw

Standard Accessories

Suction Silencer (With Air Filter)

Discharge silencer

Anchor Bolt

Reverse Valve

Flexible Joint

Safety Valve

Pressure Gauge

Common Base

Blower Pulley

Motor Pulley

V-belt Cover


Lubricating oil
  • ISO9001

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