NdFeB Flexible Magnets

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NdFeB Flexible Magnet is a kind of flexible permanent magnetic materials with high power, whose performance is more excellent than that of the ferrite magnet components, which could be used for various kinds of high powered micro-motors, which could compact the external dimension widely, and improve the motor performance. It is the originate in China.

Characteristics of NdFeB Flexible Magnets:
1.The strongest isotropic flexible magnet in the world so far, a Max. BH of 90KJ/m3(11.25MGO) is available at laboratory, an amazing 5 times more than that for Ferrite magnetic strip, quite close to the highest property of compression Molded NdFeB ring magnet, magnetic property for industrial batch quantity ranges from 16 to 68 KJ/m3(2.0-8.5MGO).
2.Outstanding flexural strength, can be automatically assembled, with an efficiency better than compression molded ring magnet.
3.Dispensing with mold, short downtime.
4.Applicable temperature: -40℃~120℃;
5.After systematic reliability inspection, it is consistent and reliable.
6.Can be made into different shapes such as long strip, slim strip, ring, pore plate, large sheeting, etc. to meet different requirements.

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