clear screen protector for nexus s

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1, anti-scratch, anti-glare, dustproof and waterproof.
2, the materials of the protector are imported from Japan. It is of static design, so it can adsorb the LCD screen automatically without any bubbles; and it is also easy to remove, just gently pull off without leaving sticky residue on the LCD screen.
3, pre-cut protector can perfectly fit your device;
glass-like clarity, 99% transparency, enhance the contrast effect and display.
4, Protects the sensitivity for your touch screen.
5, Does not interfere stylus or touch screen operation.
6, soft cleaning cloth for measurements included.
7, can be widely used in different styles of PDA/smart phone, mobile-phone, DC/DV camera, MP3/MP4, notebook/LCD, PSP, GBA, NDS and NDSL game console, iPod Nano, iPod video, GPS navigator and all kinds of professional instruments and devices.

Package: 16.7*10 cm
screen protector x1,
Cleaning cloth x1

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