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Injection molding screw barrel
Screw and barrel is the most important part of the injection molding machine (Vertical and Horizontal). With the perfect design, our injection molding screw barrel is able to realize the high plasticizing capacity and molding function of your machine.

A full range of base material and surface coating are offered for your specific processing applications depending on wear resistance, corrosion resistance and material strength.
Base Material: 38CrMoAlA, 40Cr, 42CrMo, SKD-61, Stainless Steel, etc.
Surface Coating: Nitriding, Bimetallic, Hard Chrome Plated, Quenching, ect.

Clamping force: 25t-3200t
Injection volume: 30g-2500g
Technical Data:
Nitriding thickness: 0.5~0.8mm
Nitriding hardness: >900HV
Surface roughness: Rao0.4/m
Surface Straightness:0.015mm/m

All types of custom design screw and barrel components, to meet different customer requirements.
Since the injection molding screw tip is always under the higher wear and corrosion working condition than screw body. Per customer’s request, we will also provide the screw tip with different material from screw body, like SKD61 or bimetallic (alloy) coating.

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