Corrugated metal gasket

Corrugated metal gasket

Corrugated metal Gasket

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Corrugated Metal Gasket is processed by metal flat ring into concentric waveform coil by die-pressing, rolling, or turning techniques, with the surface sticking non-metal as expanded graphite or PTFE. Comparing with Kammprofile gasket , the lining metal can choose multiple thickness, as 3mm, 2mm, 1mm, 0.5mm, etc. and the metal wave distance can be different according to the width difference of the sealing surface, generally be 3mm, 4mm,6mm, etc.

Corrugated Metal Gasket has been proved to be able to provide reliable and high-efficient sealing in the flange and thermal exchanger devices, particularly in the large size smoke, gas pipeline, low pressure, high temperature, or the uneven twisting flanges, it is high efficient. It can solve the problem that the non-metal gasket is difficult to install or use in the large size occasions.
Excellent mechanical strength and thermal conductivity;
  • 9001:2008

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