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Semtong parking system software composes of management center and subsystems. Management center and several sub-systems constitute the user’s parking system application. Management center is the core of the parking lot, it controls the whole system user data management, system configuration, each subsystem of IC card issuance and rewriting, report the loss of STH/solution, card and hanging between subsystems amount.
Parking management system is adopted in the parking lot CARDS as vehicles, a certificate, and a car with advanced technology, realizing the image newsphotographers and parking lots of image contrast vehicles, prevent loss of vehicles, parking fee of computerized management. Property management department is realizing parking fee management modernization, a wise choice of vulnerability.
System software is developed based on Windows 98 + Windows2000 platform and graphical application by Chinese, stable and reliable large Server7.0 Microsoft SQL database software or Microsoft SQL Server2000. Friendly interface, easy operation, the function is perfect. Mainly includes: login, maintenance, archives, CARDS, monitoring, recording and reporting, exit, etc.
The system adopts the advanced computer network technology, data transmission of real-time fast, reliable, and read the card fast response, car out quickly. According to the car out of the parking system, automatic calculation of parking fees, can support as many as three types of cars in different fees charged.

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