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Elves simple intelligent parking management system is based on market segmentation, specifically for small parking lots, and the special card commutation ticket,along with nested multi-level management system of the inner circle of simple design system, parking lot with computer connections can be realized, and the vehicle into play, data storage, inquires the management. With low prices, function and practical, stable performance, etc, can match a IC module or reading literacy module (EM), We have all the external interface (weigen26 compatible, weigen34), with EM, CDMA, SL02, ML02, bluetooth etc connections and ID, All external input, and are interested in software Settings are interested to read the card or read the card, Along with KaiZha signal output can be connected to the KaiZha function; the realization, Along with the communication, RS485 PC communications, All external communications, deputy RS485 charging display and voice board, All RS232 communication interface, weaning, usable hand ChiJi through RS232 communication to operate the controller, Support; 16 kinds of charge Support a large, car field nested relations, Support ID card into more than read (card), completely by control into a (a) read card controlled by computer, Can be installed on IC card, with a condition after reading CARDS allow or prohibit read card, a temporary ban after a card up to read card, KaiZha mode can be set to read through the software after successfully KaiZha automatic KaiZha or determined, IC card can realize offline charging/ID. Power supply: the power industry standards, AC220V, isolator, The communication interface: RS485 / RS232 / CAN, Capacity: 20 million weaning storage capacity, Support immediately: 255, Standard data interface: Wiegand, Wheel-dreven nested: can install large wheel-dreven nested car field function, No extension: don\\t have to have a card, direct to realize the remote extension, Expand the input and output: industrial standard, can achieve other standard I/O request, With a display: the LED display with a prompt functions, with full, can be banned parking cars admission, Fees: various charges mode, automatic Settings, loading, user-friendly, Vehicle type: can choose entrance car type and number of prefabricated, also can choose vehicle type export charges.

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