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General S series access control includes SC- N601 single door bi-directional access controller, SC- N602 two-door bi-directional access controller and SC- N604 four-door uni-directional access controller. Adapting the latest 32 bit ARM chipset technology, and dual core architecture, it provides faster speed, stronger function and expansibility. It mainly applies in frequency card identification, user data loading, information storage, door lock control, passage control, and linkage fire alarm interlock control. Each controller supports stand-alone running, and also supports running on-line RS232/485 network communication, System can connect up to 2000 controllers.
◆ Standard Wiegand 26 card reader interface. With alarm input expansion interface.
◆Standard interface RS232、RS485
◆with standard attendance function
◆ E-map can check the real-time running state of each system.
◆ 20,000pcs card issuing capability & 100,000pcs off-line record storage capability
◆ Multiple time range setting:
- Holiday setting in one year
- 15 time groups can be set for each door
◆ Multiple door state working methods:
- Normally Open (N.O.); Normally Closed (N.C.)
- First Card Open control
- Sleeping mode control; safe state
◆ Support entry with user password
◆ Support password control via programming
- Entry with card+4-digit password
- Entry with multiple super password
◆ Support multi cards open at the same time
◆ Remote manually control for any door
◆ Strong defense zone control and alarm function; input & output linkage mode
◆ Data can be kept more than 180 days when power-off.
Interface Features
Single Door:
2 groups of standard Wiegand26 card reader input port
1 group of standard door magnet state input port
1 group of exit request button input port
2 groups of alarm expansion input port
1 group of door lock control output

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