Luxury Type Full-high Turnstile(ST-9068B)

Product ID: Luxury Type Full-hig

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Technical Data :
Voltage : AC220V,50HZ
Control circuit : DC24V
Power consumption : 100W
Signal output: relay or 12v pulse
Material : 304 stainless steel
S/S thickness : 1.0~1.5mm
Surrounding Temp : -25~+70
Hydraulic damper : adjustable
Net weight : 680kg
Dimension : 1600* 1450*2300mm
Humidity : 95%
Protection level : IP55
Entry passage width : 650mm

Benefits & Features : passage
2.electrical controls for both directions
3.integration with any identification or access control system
4.automatic reset of barrier wings after each passage
5.push button switch override controls for emergency situations
6.cable or wireless remote control
7.indoor and outdoor application
8.high level of security
9.anti-backup device to prevent reverse rotation

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