Channel type Singel drum wastewater grinder

Product ID: HCCS

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The wastewater grinders capture the solid waste in the wastewater and crush them into tiny particles to p protect downstream pipelines, pumps and other equipments.
The wastewater grinders are widely used in:
1. Sewage pipe network lifting pump stations
2. Wastewater treatment plant head works
3. Wastewater treatment plant sludge processing before screw pump
4. Municipal water supply and drainage projects
5. Sewer of residential community, supermarkets, hotels, hospitals, prisons
6. Industrial pipelines
7. Pulp and paper recycling
8. Food processing
The wastewater grinders can be buried underground and remote controlled automatically by PLC to build fully buried pump stations: no need to build pump-house, low cost of construction, smaller size, less investment of relative equipments, easy to maintain, no need to collect and carry solid waste to other place, save the cost of delivery, save salary for watchman, low noise, no flies, no mosquito, no odors, better environment.
  • ISO 9001-2008

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