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Epoxy resin dry-type power transformer

Production Introduction
The dry-type transformers are casted with epoxy resin, which are made of high quality materials by means of a strict process with advanced production and testing devices. The product features high reliability and long service life. In accordance with different operation environment, it can be equipped with different protection casings or withour casing. It can replace the oil-immersed transformer and be used in the high buildings, business centers, airports, tunnels, chemical plants, nuclear power stations and watercrafts etc.

Normal service conditions
1) Altitude should not be over 1000m: indoor type
2) Highest ambient temperature should not over: +40C; Highest daily average should not over temperature: +30C
3) Highest annual average temperature should not over: +20C, lowest temperature should not below -5C
We can provide transformer operated in special conditions according to use’s requirement.

Applicable standards
GB6450-1986 Dry-type power transformer
GB4208-1993 Casing protection grade (IP code)
GB/T10228-1997 Technical parameters and requirements for dry-type power transformer

Performance Characteristics
1. The product is safe, fire-proof, pollution free, and can be used in the load center directly
2. High mechanical strength, strong short-circuit proof capacity, small partial discharge, excellent thermal stability, high reliability, and long service life.
3. Low loss, low noise, energy saving and maintenance free.
4. Excellent heat dissipation, great overload capacity and a larger operating capacity is available when ONAF is applied.
5. Good humidity resistance, it’s suitable for the operating in the highly humid and harsh environment.
6. An intelligent signal and temperature control system is adopted, which can automatically monitor and display all working temperature of the three-phase windings. The blowing fan can give an alarm, switch on and off automatically and conduct tripping operation to protect the transformer.
7. Due to the structure is compact and weight is light, it can save space and decrease the cost of installation.

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