XPE chemical cross-linking foam sheet production line

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XPE chemical cross-linking foam sheet production line can be used to produce XPE thermal insulation material, cross-linked polyethylene foam board/plate. XPE is an ideal material for automotive,insulation of air conditioning insulation, it is is widely used in sports equipment, home decoration, bag, sofa and other fields.

Firstly, mix LDPE and other functional mother grain which have been palletized together, extrude by extruding system, then send the plate to foam oven, after foaming, molding and winding, finally becomes thick 2.5~15mm, and extreme breadth 2000mm XPE material. This material can be applied in the field of heat insulation ,automobile ,packing and so on. Certainly this production line can produce IXPE,IXPP material in same specification.

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