newest sensor signal simulation tool MST-9000+

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Detailed Product Description

1.sensor signal simulation tool
2.newest version
3.Simulation knock sensor
4.port X1-X6 for reserve
Features of MST9000 plus:
1. Knocking signal simulation, output terminal is KS1 and KS2

2. Terminals from X1 to X6 are available for customers other useness

3. Normal vehicle ECU terminal can be prompted

4. With 12V/24V. It can do petrol engine and diesel ECU.

5. Data can be writen by USB port

6. 6 terminals to show injection time

Main Functions:

1.For different engine ECU, users can set different types Crankshaft sensor output ( it is used for all models ECU drive)
2.Simulate the Input Shaft sensor and Output Shaft sensor on automatic transmission
3.It can promt automatic pin connection for the general computer
4.Waveform date can be writen in directly
5.Crankshaft waveform data is setted automatically
6.Test Injection time by six channels sperately
7.Engine speed sensor output
8.Car speed sensor output (magneto-electricity sensor (AC); Hall Sensor (DC))
9.Channel 3 and Channel 4 for ABS Wheel Speed sensor output
10.Diesel ECU test
11.EGR Solenoid driven
12.Charcoal canister purge Solenoid driven
13.Tachometer driven
14.Blower Control Module driven
15.Idling valve diven
16.12V/24V stepper motor driven (L4, L6)
17.12V/24V Servo-Motor driven
18.Injector driven
19.Oil Pressure Solenoid valve driven
20.Ignition module driven
21.Ultrasonic Parking Distance Control (PDC) driven
22.Shift valve driven for automatic transmission
23.Shift quality valve driven
24.Oil pressure adjusting valve driven
25.Simulate Water temprature sensor, intake air temprature senso, outside temprature sensor and evaporator temprature sensor
26.Exhaust Gas sensor simulation (manual)
27.Exhaust Gas Sensor simulation ( automatic sensor)
28.Throttle valve sensor simulation
29.Charcoal canister purge solenoid simulation
30.DGR solenoid simulation
31.Air flow meter sensor, Intake air pressure sensor (simulate, digital)
32.Ignition coil simulation
33.Injector simulation
34.Idling Stepper motor simulation (L4, L6)
35.A/C Relay simulation
36.Oil pum relay simulation
37.Audio Frequency (AF) output driven, AV driven
38.Automatic transmission shift valve, shift quality valve, oil pressure adjusting simulation
39.Injection Pulse Width test
40.Central door locking servo-server simulation
41.Anti-theft resistance simulation
42.Overload protection for all sensor output
43.5V/12V/24V voltage output
44.User function extension
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