Allscanner VCX NANO OF J2534 Pass thru Device

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Allscanner VCX NANO OF J2534 Pass-thru Device


The VCX NANO product line is a laptop based pass-thru vehicle network interface that connects directly to the vehicle’s J-1962 OBD II connector. VCX NANO offers fast, reliable, manufacturer specific J-2534 reprogramming capability in your shop at an affordable price. The VCX NANO was designed for dealers, repair shops, technicians and locksmith.

•Low cost alternative to the factory scan tool
•Reprogram ECUs and program security keys
•Clean design with electronics protected in the cable
•May be used with desktop PC or laptop

•Fully compatible with SAE-J2534-1 & SAE-J2534-2
•GM, Ford, and Import versions available.
•USB vehicle-to-PC connectivity
•Online ECU diagnosis and reprogramming.
•Supports USB2.0 high speed connection
•CE and FCC compliance for hardware
•Firmware Updatable, keep improving
•Support the following protocols:



SAE-J1850 PWM(Ford SCP)

SAE-J1850 VPW(GM Class 2)

Single Wire CAN(GMLAN)

•Support 3 wire CAN, 2 wire High CAN and Single wire CAN
•Programming Voltage: 5V -20V FEPs output
•Support multi-channels work continuously, for example: 2 wire CAN or K-line work at same time
•Large memory to increase data throughput, 32 Kbyte can be reached by single transfer.

•Supports ECU reprogramming and PATS anti-theft key programming for Ford vehicles using
•Vehicles Supported: all Ford Brands of J1850PWM and ISO15765-4(HSCAN) equipped vehicles.

Allscanner VCX NANO
USB cable
Diver CD and manuals
Quick start reference guide

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