Showtan Techno Machine Nanjing co., ltd
Showtan Techno-Machine Nanjing Co.,Ltd.,firstly established in the year of 1998, a professional manufacture of cryogenic deflashing machine, is a Sino-Japanese joint venture company with a well-known Japanese cryogenic deflashing machine and gas products manufacture called Showa Denko Gas Products Co., Ltd in the year of 2007.
Our company is one of the leading manufacture who firstly produced and sold the cryogenic deflashing machine in China market from the year of 2002. We have more than 10 years of production, sales and technical support experiences.
The cryogenic deflashing machine is widely applied to removing the flashes of rubber and plastic products to save the labor cost and improve the production efficiency to a larger extent.
Our products have achieved great success and profound influence since its first launch in China market. At present, its application range has covered the removing of the flashes of the rubber, molded plastic, and die casting parts and so on, especially the small rubber and plastic components. Most well know rubber parts manufactures as well as big precision plastic parts manufactures already use our machine for years like NOK, Delphi, Jabil and Nypro and so on.
We believe that our product can meet your needs and assist you to improve the production efficiency, and help you promote the development of your company as a result.

With the decrease of the temperature, rubber/plastic parts enters into hardened, brittle, and crystallized process, its flexibility is gradually lost. It is easily broken by external force when it is under brittle temperature. Flash of the molded products is generally much thinner than finished product itself, it become brittle earlier than product in the low temperature. Cryogenic deflashing machine applies this principle, works in the time range when flash is brittle while products still keeps its flexibility, hit the flashes by high speed projected special plastic media, clear out the brittle burr. The flashes can be easily removed and the product not be damaged.

Our machine is widely used in removing the flashed of small rubber and plastic parts like O rings, gaskets and other molded parts.
With the cryogenic processing technology, the flashes are firstly froze and then shot down the high speed projection media(Ploy carbonate blast). The surface quality of molded rubber and plastic rubber parts can be improved greatly.

1.Low Cost, the machine can replace the processing ability of 40-60 hand worker, can reduce the number of workers and reduce the deburring cost to the lowest point.
2.High Efficiency, generally, the smaller type can process 5kgs of rubber parts/batch and only take 5-7mins. If the G.W of single part is 1g, 42500pcs can be processed in one hour.
3.High Processing Precision, if the mold is very good and the flash thickness is below 0.2mm, the processing result will be satisfied. The surface performance is great and feel smooth.

A.O rings, irregular rubber parts with different material and sizes.
B.Micro electronic product parts
C.Precision elastomeric parts
D.Precision injection moulding plastic parts
E.R & D part runs
F.Die casting products, like zinc aluminum, magnesium alloy

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