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CNT-A (High Speed Injection Machine):
CNT-A, as with accumulator hydraulic circuit design, the injection speed can reach above 300 mm/sec. By using low speed can improve heavy or thick products layer to feel smoothly and evenly. Using high speed can produce big amount of thin layer products in a short period of time.
CNT-C (Fully Closed Loop Hydraulic Design Machine) :
This model is high precision, high stability, and low loss. Also, as with closed loop hydraulic design, the injection speed can reach above 500 mm/sec, and response speed is 40 Hz/sec. Moreover, it can always check the variation itself and adjust itself automatically to achieve high precision, good stability and low loss. The machine that with closed loop is always on top series, it is the best choice for precision products such as electronic plastic elements and would always keep the product identical .
CNT-S/SD (High Pressure, High Speed Model) :
A small and precision product is the main trend nowadays. Therefore, CNT-S/SD is designed to reach injection speed above 180 mm/sec, and injection pressure above 3000 kg/cm2 . It is also a very good choice for precision product as electronics plastic elements .
CNT Bakelite:
CNT Bakelite is designed for thermo setting resins and can be customized with some features, such as mold heating system, ventilating system, and mold thermo isolating system .
CNT 3 Loop:
The model such as CNT 3 Loop is designed to perform many motions simultaneously. Charging raw material and opening mold work at the same time. Opening mold and ejecting product work at the same time. This will reduce cycle time and is a very good choice for producing big amount or thin layer with big surface area product .
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