BOSCH 0414702010

BOSCH 0414702010

Offer original Bosch UIS/PDE Unit Pump Injector in stock 0414702010

Product ID: 0414702010

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Offer original Bosch UIS/PDE in stock with good price
Fuel Injector/Unit Injector System/Fuel Injector Mounting
Parts No. 0414702010
Type: PDE100S3009
Pressure: 326.0 bar
Suitable for flicker engine, truck tractor diesel engine, dump truck diesel engine etc.
Same with VOLVO20381597 injector, volvo 20440409 UIS, VOLVO 3155044 PDE, VOLVO 8113408 fuel injector, VOLVO20381597 etc

Bosch injector UIS is applied on Volvo engines as below:
Other No. Vehicle No. Engine No.
VOL860 FH 12420 D12C420
VOL906 FH 12420 D12C 420
VOL1087 FH 12420 D12D420
VOL861 FH 12460 D120C460
VOL855 FM 12340 D12C340
VOL991 FM 12340 D12C
VOL1096 FM 12340 D12D340
VOL863 FM 12380 D12C380
VOL989 FM 12380 D 12 C
VOL1095 FM 12380 D12D380
VOL864 FM 12420 D12C420
VOL992 FM12420 D12 C
VOL1094 FM 12420 D12 D420
VOL1121 FM 12425 D12C425
VOL1093 FM 12460 D12D460
VOL908 NH 12420 D12C420

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