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The VL-serie vertical CNC machine is designed for ffective and productive machining. Widely used for high precision plastic moulds, foring dies, automotive, aerospace industry, elecric and home appliance.
The structure of this series is carefully developed and of high rigidity. Linear guide ways from REXROTH or THK guarantee excellent machining ability. The milling table i strong supported to guarante optimized dynamic precision and long life lasting.
The major machine parts are made of top-grade cast iron to acheve high rigidity and stable quality.
The high quality spindle of the machine provides outstanding rotation precision at every speed. A separate chiller provides excellent cooling of the spindle.
Pre-stressed precision double nut ball-screws C3 grade in all axis, drectly driven by the servo motors in order to eliminate backlash and improve transmission efficiency as well as accurate position control.
Inverted "Y" style column with extra wide contact surface result in excellent strengthness.
VL700 is equipped with an extra strong Z-axis motor in order to improve the positioning and accuracy, without counter weight.

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