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The VB series has an outstanding ability for mould machining and powerful cutting.
It is equipped with coil chip conveyor, achieving smooth chip transfer and save non-machining time for cleaning.
A high efficient spindle cooling system dissipates heating in order to achieve high spindle accuracy and extends spindle life-time.
The major machine parts are made of top-grade cast iron to achieve high rigidity and stable quality.
The machine base has 4 hardened box ways, achieving great stability, combined with imported wear resisting slices, which is resulting in low friction and long life.
A “V” style machine bed provides maximum rigidity, the foundation for powerful accurate cutting.
An advanced counter weight is guided by a lead bar to achieve smooth Z axis movement.
The working area is completely enclosed with a protective housing to prevent the operator or any other person of being injured by flinging chippings.Sliding doors in front allow comfortable loading, shatterproof windows on three sides of the machine grant safe view onto the work piece during machining.
The machine is operated via an operators panel, designed by Sky Master and made in Taiwan.

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