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SMAMID Functional Unit (FU) consists of:

:: a triaxial MEMS accelerometer;

:: 8-bit microcontroller, which governs the activities of UF and processes data;

:: 4 MiB of memory for data storing;

:: a temperature sensor;

:: a clock / calendar (with a buffer battery "button type"), which allows to label the acquisitions with temporal informations;

:: RS485 serial communication interface;

:: wireless communication interface.

The MEMS accelerometers Measurement System at Distributed Intelligence (SMAMID) is set up, in its most general form, by a network of autonomous functional units, each of which incorporates an electronic circuit board of a MEMS accelerometer sensor, a processing unit and a communication system.
SMAMID versatility enables its use in different types of applications, such as:
:: detection of movements;
:: monitoring of vibration levels on board moving vehicles;
:: monitoring threshold and vibration from passing vehicles;
:: monitoring of the inclinations sustained over time by objects and / or buildings;
:: detection of landslides on the rocky coasts.
  • ISO 9001

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