PICOBOX WEB Expansion Controller

Product ID: Message Master 4000

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WEB Expansion Controller is a standalone monitoring system that is capable of sending out email notification to user when any alarm state happened. WEB Expansion was also designed to be used with RMC1 / RMC2 series as an expansion module to add on more monitoring points. WEB Expansion comes in three different models that would suit different needs and applications accurately. With multiple WEBIO controllers, hundreds of digital and analog inputs can be monitored simultaneously. The relay outputs of WEBIO controller are also capable to be configured for local audible and visual annunciation using external siren and or strobe lights.

WEBIO Controller and Message Master communicate with each other using PBNet* over TCP/IP protocol. Automatic connectivity supervision ensures all devices are always communicating with each other. Any loss of communication will be reported to users via SMS.

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