spin coater T108

spin coater T108

spin coating processor/spin coater/semi conductor equipments/film coating

Product ID: spin coating process

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Rotating disc diameter: 120mm.
It is for any piece clamping ¢ 50-100mm
Rotating disk maximum rpm: 8000r/min.
Adjustable digital revolution: 300 - 8000 rpm. It is can set the time: 1 - 99 minutes.
Standard Packaging: Size: 250mm wide x 300mm deep x 215 mm high, weight: 16 kg
Application: liquid, jelly and other materials on a substrate film
It is mainly used in liquid, gel film-forming performance test, the surface coating process.
Main features:
* Computer control can be preset and memory speed, the control dial uniform acceleration; rotation time preset, when the control dial to even slow down. Uniform spin-coated gum machine spin coater apparatus

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