automatic pick and place machine GP200

automatic pick and place machine GP200

automatic pick and place machine/LED mounter/SMT pick and place machine

Product ID: automatic mounter

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GP200 automatic pick and place machine is suitable for electronic factory, SMT factory, LED factory to
mount 0402、0603、0805、 diode、triode and so on. It can improve accuracy and efficiency which can save
lots of cost.
Stable using and easy operation, it is high performance cost automatic pick and place machine. There is
CE certification for automatic pick and place machines.
1、Max PCB size: 300×400mm
2、Max moving range: 405×440mm
3、Z axes max moving range: 25mm
4、Speed:3000pc/ h( real speed)
5、0402 components: 3600
6、Accuracy : 0.05mm
7、Compress air: 80psi(0.5Mpa)
8、Belt feeder: standard is 8mm 24groups,others are
9、Pick head: 1 head
10、Program:1、point to point program
11、Import file:PROTEL software;PADS software
12、Machinery accuracy:0.00256mm
13、X/Y running: line linkage
14、Power consumption:200W
16、Power supply: 220V, 50Hz
17、Weight: 65kg

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