manual PCB stencil printer

manual PCB stencil printer

SMT/PCB stencil printer/ screen printing machine/manual stencil printer

Product ID: SMT stencil printer

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Manual high precision screen printing SP40 is the equipment which is used for printing or leakage printing technology. The location is mainly by hand to pick-and-place PCB board and print. It has a low-cost and easy to use, easy to learn, high efficient ,it is suitable for small and medium manufacture, multi-species research、development and production.
Technology parameter:
Max printing area: .400×300mm
Adjustment method: contrapuntal calibration
Refined adjustment method: adjust through accuracy screen pole, the
accuracy is 0.1mm.
Suited range: silk screen and steel screen
Weight: 20 kg
Dimension: 700*600*350 mm

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