lead free wave soldering machine LF250

lead free wave soldering machine LF250

lead free wave soldering machine/double wave solder

Product ID: wave solder machine

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1 solder type Lead free
2 max PCB 50—200mm
3 Components height Above ≤130mm under ≤8mm

4 Capacity 100KG
5 Preheating length 600mm
6 temperature
accuracy ±2
7 spray way Foam
8 temperature range room - 300
9 wave height 0—8mm, keep balance wave crest
10 heating controlling PID
11 speed 0—1800mm/min
12 start power/normal
power 12KW/6KW
13 Power supply 380V 3 phase 50HZ

14 preheating
temperature room—260℃
15 Width adjust Manual adjusting
16 Transmit angle 3-8
17 Direction right→left (left→right optional )
18 controlling accuracy Taiwan motor
19 Weight (Kg) 250KG
20 Dimension 1400*1000*1500MM
it is 2100mm when the machine include loading and
cooling system.

Welding system features:
1 Tin pot material: 316 stainless steel
2 Capacity: 100kg double wave crest capacity
3 Tin pot temperature room temperature ——300℃ adjusted;
4 Height range of wave crest: 0—12mm adjustment and keep wave crest balance.
5 Power consumption (heater): 6kw, uniformity heat, long life. It will take 1 hour to melt tin. This can save 6kw during melting tin and save 3kw during constant temperature.
6 Unique spray: double wave crest design, with unique flat wave which is stable and reduce SMD leaking solder.
7 Heat controlling system: PID control, accuracy is ±2
8 Moving tin pot: in and out can be finished by hand.
9 Motor of wave crest: import motor, running stable.
10 Tin pipe: screw thread stem

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