MPPT solar controller

MPPT solar controller

MPPT solar controller-12/24/48V-60A

Product ID: MPPT 60A

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Profressional MPPT Solar Charge Controller

This is a smart solar charge controller which has advanced MPPT technology .Solar charge controller is one of the important parts in the off-grid solar system. For having the advanced MPPT technology, the controller can trace the peak power with 99% conversion efficiency. MPPT microprocessor, inside the controller,making 30% more charge current with significantly less power than tradition. In addition to this, easier installing and supporting to expand volume are other advantages. It can also store energy to different kinds of batteries. We provide battery choice(Vented、Sealed、Gel、NiCd).
1.MPPT charge mode,conversion efficiency up to 99%,can save 30%~60% of the power than traditional controller.
2.With high efficient MPPT operation scheme and adopting TI28035 chip,make the Solar panels utilization rate up to 99%.
Intelligent design,the device can be upgraded online,customers enjoy the lifelong upgrade service.

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