solar street light controller 12V/24V 20A

Product ID: solar street light c

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1. It can prevent the battery from over-charging and over-discharging.
2. It can prevent reverse charging (the battery charges the solar panel).
3. It can prevent reverse connection of the battery and solar panel.
4. It will start up the lighting system in the evening automatically according to the intensity of the light.
5. It will shut down the lighting system according to the time setting or shut down the lighting system automatically when it is dawn.
6. It has a LED indicator of the working condition of charging and discharging:
l One piece of Charge Indicator LED (mark: Charge). When it is bright, the battery is charged strongly; flickeringly means floating charge, no light means stop charging.
l One piece of Load Indicator LED (mark: Light). When it is bright, there is output and load can work; if LED goes out, means there isnt output and the load cannot work.
l Battery indicator: red under =voltage Green =full Yellow =normal

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