Car inverter 75W to 1000w

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Product Description:

Power inverter is the very solution to using electricity in the automobile,as the necessity for your travel,

mobile office, outdoor work and special vehicle.It can convert 12V/24V DC of automobile to 220V/110V AC,

and its output rated power is 150W. Appliance in automobile whose service power is less than 150W, and

voltage is 220V or 110V AC can be used by the product.When the appliance whose service power is up to

200W please connect your car battery with the inverters alligator clips directly, and do not use the car cigarette

plug, lest the DC cable be burned.

It can be widely used with those electric equipment such as player MP3, player MP4,charge up cellphone,

laptop computer,emergency lighting, electric fan, electric blanket, electric shaver,digital cameras,digital video,

TV,CD,DVD,game machine,cleaner,refrigerator,electric light,charger and various kinds of professional tools.

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