soto electromagnetic interactive whiteboard

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1.resolution is as high as 31000 x 22000, writing and positioning accuracy as high as 0.05 mm
2.processing rate 480 point/S, signal tracking speed 8m/S reaction rate sensitive, writing without delay and broken pen, real-time response
4.solid aluminum alloy frame, with hollow slot facilitate client installs the speakers or use complex engineering installation;
5.strengthened the aviation materials as backboard, effective life 10 years
6.PET mask, prevent glare, and no flare, high contrast and color reducible good, strong wear-resisting, writing is smooth
7.choose to take shortcuts or take physical shortcut key models provide both sides of the 14 shortcuts, let you use more convenient WindowsXP / 2003 / Vista / 7, Linux, Mac10. X.

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