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CNC machined parts are mainly in six axle lathe with sticks of metal materials finished, such as variety of high precision and quality of electronic, computer precise components, communication components, automotive parts and accessories, machinery parts, sanitation hardware parts, optics precise parts, medical appliances, pneumatic tools accessories. We are very strict with our CNC machined parts through the finished production is continuously improvement and growth, we will give you the best quality and services about our CNC machined parts.

Name: turret terminal, stanchion, valve body turned part, cock spindle, square brass block.
Material: brass.
Dimension: square 0.250x0.87” 6-32 UNC, Ø5.5x 18.75mm 6BA thread, Ø14x20mm 5/16x32TPI, Ø4.81x21.50mm 6BA thread, square 0.188x0.265” 6-32 thread.
Finish: plain.

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