nana polishing machine

nana polishing machine

Nano polishing machine

Product ID: CMJ-12

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Nano polishing machine (12 heads)
After finished polishing by common polishing machine, use this machine to further increase the glossiness of the stones surface through adding nano polishing solution. The glossiness can be increased 30-40 degree after processing.

Model CJMJ-12
Polishing head No. of heads 12
Working width mm 800-2000
Diameter of polishing head mm Φ 680
Diameter of polishing disc mm Φ 180
Max. working thickness mm 10-60
Speed M/min 0-3.5
Main motor power KW 5.5
Total power KW 82.84
Dimension (L*W*H) mm 12680*3250*2200

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