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Universal Power Greaser is a unique product innovated and designed by suction in 2009. Its an all-purpose adapter to match electric and pneumatic tools like power drills, wrenches and screw drivers. The adjustable holder is used to fasten the tool and the tube. Its easy to set up and apply on machinery, automobiles, home appliances, agriculture equipments, light industry, etc.

•Greaser Body W/ Aluminum Tube
•Air Vent Valve & Filler Plug.
•AW-401-18" High Pressure Nylon Hose.
•Size 1/4" Driver

•Working pressure comes from electric or air power tools.
•It fits in pneumatic and electric power tools (Recommended 12V ~ 81V) such as drills, wrenches and screw drivers.
•Fully automatic, cycles continuous grease flow with trigger depressed of power tools.
•The recommended working pressure is 4000 psi.
•High pressure performance deliver up to 8000 psi

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