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Worldwide Patent 360 Degree Angle-Free Rotating Handle Design. A new, ergonomic design, this pneumatic grease gun gives added flexibility to get any grease fitting.

•Special“Grip handle” designs for allowing it to do Angle-Free Rotating.
•Continuously pumps grease while trigger is depressed.
•Pressure Range: Air supplied input 60 ~ 150 psi / output 2,400 ~ 6,000 psi
•Working Pressure: Recommend air supplied input 90 psi / output 3,600 psi
•Loading Way: 14 oz. Cartridge / 400c.c. Bulk / Dispenser.
•Capacity: 14 oz. / 400c.c.
•Standard Accessory: A-403A Metallic Bend Spout.

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