SUNSCO 2014 HOTFIX Item, \

SUNSCO 2014 HOTFIX Item, \"SunRay\"


Product ID: SunRay

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Here we have "SunRay", ever never seen such gorgeous colors, created with epoch-making technology of our own SUNSCO.

It maintains as the same high qualities as its own unique colors even time passed by.

"SunRay" is a brand new versicolor stud of Sunsco.

You can see its changing colors depending on your view angle.

This hot trendy item "SunRay" is only available at SUNSCO and it will make your products as a global trend.

Its more than 30% lower price than Rhinestone. but, glittering and shiny like Rhinestone.

A brand new hybrid item, "SunRay" has both strength of Rhinestone and Aluminium product.

This absolutely unique item, "SunRay" allows you to produce innovative and highend products.

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