dry type automatic ceramic cutting line with single blade

Product ID: XTQ-2

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This type of machine has got a patent(NO.ZL20060064779.4) and it’s a new type product which can achieve complete automatically operation only cost 1/14 of genal cutting machine. It can connect with polishing line in front of it, and followed by single or double sides squaring and chamfering mcahine.
It mainly use for cutting size of 600-800mm
It also can make special size according to the different requirment such as 900-1200mm.
Output/day: 5500 square meters( take 600*600 cut into 600*300 for example)
Power of conveying line: 0.55KW
Power of cutting machine: 0.37KW
Total power:2.02 KW
Overall dimension(L*W*H): 14.5*1.65*1.3M
Total weight: 1300KG

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