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ST-TIM Fabric Inspection & Rolling Machine with optional data collection and analysis system (4-point system) to handle a wide range of fabric, especially for home textiles. This machine can be supplied to operate from plait/loose fabrics to roll, or with various other fabric inlet and outlet options.

Full Width Fabric Inspection
Accurate Fabric Edge Controlling
Accurate Fabric Length and Optional Weighing Machine

Ergonomically designed
Fast and easily handled, requiring for one operator only
Improve fabric quality
Synchronize production process
Provide objective quality reporting
Reduce administration

1. Full Width Fabric Inspection - with Fixed Flat Inspection Screen
Fabric can be checked under the aid of different viewing and lighting options.
2. Accurate Fabric Length and Optional Weighing Machine
Fabric roll length and weight can be taken by industrial standard measuring systems with digital readouts to give consistent fabric roll assessments.
3. Accurate Fabric Edge Controlling
Edge alignment photo-sensor for perfect roll generation
4. Consistent Roll Output - with Twin Rewinding Roller and Roll Hardness Adjustment
Tight rolls ae rewound on first quality rollers with emery covering.
5. Auto Adjustable Tension
Automatic adjustable tension of fabrics when inspecting and rewinding.
6. Foot Switch Controlling
Foot Switch is used to start and/or stop machine flexibly during checking.
7. Data Collection and Analysis System (4-point System) - Optional
100% fabric inspection with software for accurate fabric roll analysis and printout.
8. Automatic Linear Cut (Fabric Roll End Cutter) - Optional
Full width cutting at the end of processed roll, fast and accurate.
  • CE / ISO9001:2008

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